tirsdag, januar 31, 2006

If windows were stars and walls were the sky, it could explain why I always daydream when I walk around and take pictures.

Look up, what do you see?
All of you and all of me
Fluorescent and starry

mandag, januar 30, 2006

Driving home to my parents the other day, after visiting a friend who had just become a father for the first time, I took this picture out of the carwindow - It's taken less than a mile from were I lived as a child. Even though I like living in the city, I sometimes wish that I lived in the middle of nowhere - No citylights, no noise, no people living over or under you, just some neighbours down the road - And a lot of great motives.

Taking pictures of people from behind, on various churchyards is perhaps a bit odd, but it's a good way of discretely taking pictures of strangers.