torsdag, januar 12, 2012

Woodpigeon har tidligere været nævnt her på bloggen, og med mindre end 14 dage til den kommende ep "For Paolo" er det på sin plads med en teaser. Titelnummeret er allerede blevet luftet fra pladeselskabets side, og kan findes i videoform her. Er man ikke typen på levende billeder, er der en (gratis) downloadmulighed her.

"For Paolo" udkommer 24. januar, indtil da er der den ene smagsprøve, og disse bevingede ord om ep'en fra Mark Hamilton, at gøre godt med.

“My parents were always the type to find an artist and album they liked and then listen to it non-stop in the car for years. It’s these tapes which, whether I liked them at the time or not, formed an undeniable part of my musical DNA: Carole King, Falco, a truck-stop Hits of the 1960s compilation.The songs of the For Paolo EP are a valentine of sorts to those old cassettes of my parents – I’d like to think there’s more than just a dash of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tango in the Night” in the title track, a little bit of girly one-hit wonder in “One To Many”. But then again, whenever I think I’m getting pretty close at sounding one way, I’m the only one who hears it – so you’ll have to excuse the thought that there’s a little bit of Boys Don’t Cry’s “I Wanna Be a Cowboy” and Iron Butterfly mixed in here somewhere too.”

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